2018 Toyota Camry CVT

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2018 Toyota Camry CVT

2018 Toyota Camry CVT – The next generation of the 2018 Camry Hybrid will most likely be introduced in late or mid-2017, but to show perdannya itself has been ascertained to be implemented in January 2017 at the North America International Autos Show. Some observers expect the car this car will be lighter than the previous series, and it will create a comfortable driver or passenger who drove. Safety and comfort will be a priority and careful observation by the observer, increased comfort as much as 10% of a feature alone could be worth more than the Camry, yet again if in the value of fuel efficiency and performance of a machine that uses hybrid technology course.

Not less than 45 or 46 mpg can be achieved without hypermiling. Will it be available in 3 types as in the previous year, it still can not be sure. but see from what was in the previous year up to eat we believe this news was sent down there will be three trims of the Toyota Camry Hybrid CVT. All three trims will adopt what has been given in the previous series of CVT Transmission, If you do not know what it is we’ll be a little explain CVT. CVT is a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) of a transmission system that does not have a car-like shift gear manual transmission or a conventional automatic transmission car.

So to position 1,2,3,4 gear fixed to the teeth so no need to pass the gearshift lever. For replacement use two pulleys, the drive pulley and driven pulley, the pulley is connected with the belt (a belt of steel fibers). How it works is quite smooth CVT transmission, in addition to no buffeting due to the gearshift process as well as the movement of the transmission using a belt. But for acceleration, the CVT transmission car is not as good as a conventional automatic transmission car and manual.

2018 Toyota Camry CVT Transmission

Cars with automatic transmission CVT, use the pulleys and a steel belt as the main component movement transmission. That’s why some camry series will use the system itself, CVT type transmission gear ratio can make changes to adjust to engine speed.

2018 Toyota Camry CVT Transmission Engine Specs Performance

2018 Toyota Camry CVT Transmission Engine Specs Performance

This makes a car that uses a 2018 Camry CVT automatic transmission, gearshift very subtle and sometimes not felt by the driver. In addition, the beat when the gearshift is also very small. Another advantage of using a CVT automatic transmission car, the driver does not require high RPM, to obtain great power, of course, with normal use such as in the city. With high RPM rare car, make the car with a CVT transmission is more fuel efficient, compared with AT automatic transmission car.

Examples of a car with a CVT transmission in Indonesia such as, Honda Mobilio, Toyota Prius Hybrid and All New 2018 Camry. Most hybrid cars, has been using a CVT transmission, because it is more refined and fuel efficient. A programmed transmission (CVT) is standard. Under hard quickening, the CVT makes an unpalatable, piercing crying sound. It will blur away from plain sight after you invest some energy driving the 2018 Camry Hybrid CVT.

2018 Toyota Camry CVT Release, Reveal and Teased

2018 Toyota Camry CVT Release, Reveal and Teased

Getting 42 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the parkway, the base Camry Hybrid LE gets great mileage gauges for the class. It doesn’t contrast as positively with different crossovers, in any case. The Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid gets 47 mpg in the city and 46 on the interstate, while the Honda Accord Hybrid improves 49/47 mpg city/parkway. Venturing up to the Camry Hybrid SE or XLE will cost you much more fuel, with both trims just getting 40 mpg in the city and 37 on the parkway.

In Hybrid cars, which are less responsive acceleration does not occur, in contrast to non-hybrid car that uses a Camry CVT transmission. Because the hybrid car, also uses a battery-powered electric motor, helping the car to accelerate. One of the best hybrid cars in ToyotaCamryUSA.com today with CVT automatic transmission is the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

So what it’s like driving a car with a CVT automatic transmission? If you ever ride a motorcycle matic type Honda or Yamaha Xeon Vario GT 125, as this is great. But the CVT transmission car, have a more complex system than the motorcycle. For drivers who like fast acceleration, would be dissatisfied with the drive using a CVT transmission and prefer the automatic transmission AT type. The way 2018 Toyota Camry CVT is just to make other option to people.

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid CVT XSE Review canada

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid CVT XSE Review canada

CVT transmission itself has advantages, including:
1. It is easy to drive because the gas and brake play live alone, like a motorhome automatically.
2. Acceleration softer without any buffeting gearshift gears.
3. 2018 Toyota Camry CVT engine brake also has a strong enough so that if it passes derivative, brake work is not too strenuous than a conventional automatic car.
4. It is more fuel efficient due to the use of the engine rpm is relatively stable.
5. Unlike the manual and automatic cars are always fluctuating when to shift gears gears.

Have surplus does not mean there have weaknesses, namely:
1. The weakness of the CVT transmission system is more difficult to be repaired when damaged, because it has a complex system.
2. In addition, CVT transmission car can not drive roughly made since the machine will be easily damaged.

Note: This information given based on a collection of several articles that discuss this car, could be wrong and different to what’s in the showroom in your area. Please contact the Toyota showroom in your city for the right information. Best regards Toyota Camry USA.

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